Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have 8 free days.
I leave on the 9th day.

I'm waiting patiently as ever,
watching the clock tick by,
knowing what's waiting,
on the other side...

I feel stressed with my knitting. I know I have to get my project in the mail on the 9th day and no later. So many things seem to fill my free time to where there is no free time at all.

I really need this vacation. I haven't had one in....well almost 2 years now. I usually go every year but some things prevented last years trip overseas. I have to hunker down, pick up those needles and knit like the wind, and pray to god I have enough yarn..It's looking kinda iffy. I really hope I don't run out.

The chances of me writing again before I head off to London are nill....I promise to share lots of wooly goodness photos upon my return and hopefully an Fo that I can finish on the flight.

Happy Knitting!

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