Sunday, April 10, 2011


On Friday I have seen something that I can submit to, something fun, something about my local area...why would I not go for it?

There is a book that will be released sometime this year. All the entrants who participate get a chance to be in the book, win a copy of it and win a $100 certificate for yarn. But you have to get picked. Only 50 people will be chosen. I think I have a great idea and a good chance.

One of the things listed was if you wanted to see if you had a chance, you could email a swatch and a sketch along with your design idea and they would let you know if you'd even be considered. I did that because I was not going to go through with it if they didn't think I had a shot.

They said my idea was good so I finalized everything. All I have to do now is knit!...and wait...and wait...

In other news, I passed my motorcycle test yesterday morning.
This is my girl :)
I took her out yesterday for the first time to practice. I need a lot of practice yet. However, my boyfriend told me now that I ride I can give up my knitting..YEAH RIGHT! He must be crazy....really really crazy. I would not give up knitting for anything..crazy man :)
Good thing he was joking!

Happy Knitting

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