Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

It's hot,
I'm burnt to a crisp,
It's Memorial day,
& tomorrow I've got to go back to work.

I have not knitted one single stitch on this long holiday weekend. I have been spending all my time on my motorcycle going on fun rides alone to the countryside, and also on long rides with my brother (he has a motorcycle too).

I've taken a bicycle ride 12 miles with my youngest son (remind me not to do that again on THAT bike..ugh!)

My son Chandler on our ride

I've been to the dog park with not only my sweet Grizzly, but I took the neighbor dog too. NEVER take the neighbor dog if you know he will fill a cup holder full of slobber..ick!!!!!!
Needless to say my car needs a major bath on the inside.

Grizzly & Buck

So now I am going to go grab my knitting needles, sit on the couch with a sock and hope & pray that this evening goes very very slowly. Not so sure I want to see Tuesday just yet!
Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Park - Fort Indiantown Gap

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