Thursday, May 5, 2011

Interview with Jane Richmond

I'm sure all of you know Jane Richmond.
She is a fantastic designer from Canada. I love her work. It's new, it's fashionable, inspiring and very much up to date with fashion.

I got the chance to interview her which makes me very happy beyond belief. You should pop on over to her Ravelry page or to her Etsy shop and have a look at her work. I think you'll be as happy as me!

So to begin I'd like to ask a few questions:

Jane, My first question is; Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from other knitters and also just from the knitwear I see on the street, I love to take inspiration from what people are wearing.

I have to ask if you knit English or Continental?
I knit English, although learning to knit Continental is definitely on the to do list.

Who taught you to knit and how old were you when you first learned?
My mother decided to teach me the basics when I was 5, I didn’t stick with it obviously but in my late teens I relearned through books and haven’t stopped since.

Is there a knitting technique that you would like to master or try?
I wish I could knit jogless stripes perfectly :)

You & me both!

What would be your yarn of choice out of all the thousands we have out there today?
I am a huge fan of wool because of the fabric it produces so wool and wool blends really appeal to me... I think cotton and wool makes a lovely combination.

What's the one project that you are currently knitting on a constant basis right now?
Can I tell you a secret? ...I am between projects right now, lol. It is so rare for me not to have a project but I recently finished some secret deadline knitting, decided to celebrate my victory by knitting from my queue (Aestlight by Gudrun Johnston), and now I’m between projects again.

I love to hear the words deadline knitting. That means something new is coming up. Can't wait to see!

And, of course, how many projects do you have on the needles currently?
6. But nothing I am spending any time on right now.

Who is your favourite designer of the moment and why?
I think Veera Välimäki is amazing. Her designs are so clever, modern, and wearable and she churns them out like you wouldn’t believe. She’s incredible!

I agree with you. Veera & you are tied in my book. If I had to choose, I couldn't!

What was your favourite project to ever knit, whether it be a design of your own or otherwise?
Ages ago I knit the Cinched Waist Top from an issue of Vogue Knitting. The construction was really unique and it was my first introduction to seamless raglan shaping. I remember how amazed I was to watch the sleeves unfold from my knitting... before that point I had only knit in pieces and didn’t really know it could be any other way.

I remember those days when I only knew that seaming was the way to go. Thank god for top down sweaters & raglan shaping.

Jane I want to thank you for stopping by and letting everyone in on your thoughts. I look forward to seeing more of your designs in the future! You're a big hit in my eyes in the knit world.

If you want to check Jane out, & I recommend that you do, please stop by her Ravelry page or her Etsy shop (links above)

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Allyson said...

This is a fantastic interview! Really interesting questions. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing.