Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Internet is back up & I am all moved in, so let the knitting commence.
Well except for the fact it is 10:50 at night and I think getting some sleep might be a good idea.

BUT! I have a progress picture to show you. This is I.B. Footsie designed by my friend Heather Zoppetti. Only a few inches to go.
I should be done in the next day or so. I could have possibly finished them tonight, but I thought spending 4 hours on my motorcycle was top priority. It is summer. I just got my motorcycle license and my own bike so....sometimes knitting will take a back seat. Oopps! Not for long though as summer is only so long and eventually I will have to put the bike away for the year.

I will however, not stop knitting. I just might be a bit on the slow side. I have a lot of ideas for designs coming up so look out for some new patterns soon!

Happy Knitting!

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