Monday, June 20, 2011


What a weekend!

My knitting came to a standstill over the weekend as I attended a class. I had my motorcycle permit, but the safety course not only taught me things I did not know about riding a motorcycle, but in the end it got me my license & a discount on insurance. It was a fun but very tough, long, tiring class and I had no energy for anything afterwards. Not even knitting.

For the first 2 days (Thurs. & Fri) we had a 3 hour class. And a test at the end of Friday. Then Saturday it was off to the course to practice maneuvers on teeny weeny motorcycles. It was for 5 straight hours in the hot blistering sun. It was like going to the gym & everyone agreed. There were 14 of us. Yesterday, (Sunday) we did more practicing but tougher routines on what we learned already. Again, 5 hours on an even hotter and muggier day. It was horrid. At the end we had our driving skills test. Not everyone passed. I know that some of the ladies didn't have motorcycles to practice on while they had their permits so it was harder for them to take the class.

In the end I passed and now I have my license for driving my motorcycle. This makes me very happy and in the end I made a lot of new friends to hang out with, which I have done so already. I was dead all weekend because after the classes I would go out and ride with my new friends for a few hours...sheesh!

On to knitting..As I said, I haven't been able to do much this weekend. I don't have any pictures at this moment, but I am working on finishing up another pair of socks, the second one anyways. I will take a progress photo later after work and hopefully I will have gotten pretty far.

Happy Monday & Happy Knitting!

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