Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I got my little package yesterday in the mail only one day after ordering it. I am well pleased! This is what I was hoping would give me the extra help in designing. I had a few ideas for some things and they came to a complete halt.
Sometimes things on paper don't come out how you would like in knitted fabric. So I paged through this book yesterday and right away two things stuck out to me. Now that I am able to see a photo of a swatch I hope it helps me visualize a little better.

I've come up with my own stitch patterns for the designs I've made thus far and I am happy with the results. It's not hard to be honest, but do they look good? Not always in the design phase when planning out what you have in your head, to the end result of knitted fabric. Here's to hoping that I can finally finish the two ideas I had started, and already I have another one in the works. I'm hoping I can make some swatches here very quickly and show you a sneak peak of what's to come.

Summer will be over quickly enough and fall will descend upon us. Knitting will resume in full force for sure! In the mean time I am only working on designs and finishing up my Wip's. So far so good. I am making progress at least. One pair of socks have been done and now I am working on my sweater and market bag. If only I could knit while I drive my motorcycle would life be good. However that would be stupidly dangerous :-/

Happy Wednesday and most of all, Happy Knitting!

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