Friday, September 9, 2011


Over the past four weeks this area that I live in has undergone some pretty terrible stuff. First we had an earthquake, two days later a hurricane, and then a tropical storm that has started some major flooding in my 'neighborhood' that has affected people like my friends and family. The flooding is still ongoing. It started the day before yesterday I believe. I am fortunate enough to say it has not reached my house yet. I don't think it will.

A few months ago I lived in a home right on the river. It's flooding. Talk about close calls. Hopefully the rain will stop. At least for now we only have light rain, but it does nothing to help the water go down. At this point we are on water restrictions and told to boil our water before drinking it, brushing our teeth with it etc. One of my sisters is in one of the worst hit towns and they have no way out. The roads are closed off, and she refuses to move. If she's lucky her home and family will be safe.

This photo was taken by the local news team. It's the park that is one block from my home.
This morning I wake up to hear about terror threats. Wonderful. Sometimes you have to wonder when it will all stop. I try to keep positive thoughts and hope that no more people will die or suffer because of things we can't control.

In the meantime I am trying to do my best by keeping busy, knitting, not thinking about natural disasters. All I can do is be safe and keep my family & friends safe and wish for the best. So for now I am working on my sweater. Easy, mindless knitting.....

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