Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Things have been quiet over here lately. But I have been quite the busy bee. I have been working on a secret project with a deadline looming in front of me. One of my newest designs will be published in a book and should be released & in bookstores by summer. I am so excited about this. I have been published before, but a book just seems like a whole new level. 

Here is just a peek. This is all I am allowed to show you. I know you can't tell what it is, you're not supposed to, but you get the idea of colors.
In the meantime, I have partially finished a KAL. I was about done with sock #2 until I received the yarn for my secret project. I had to set it aside for the time being. But here is sock #1 finished. 

I did not complete it to specifications. I stopped the pattern partway down the foot. The reason? I was bored & wanted to be done. Not the fault of the designer, but a fault all of my own. I love socks, but I get bored quickly & want to finish quickly and always end up doing something to make it go faster.

Happy Valentines Day
Happy Knitting!

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