Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I haven't exactly been the greatest blogger as of late.
But I have been a busy bee.
Well that and I stopped knitting my cardigan so I could join a KAL!

It's probably not to late to join in if you'd like.
You can go to the Ravelry group & sign up.

I was able to join in even though I had already started a sweater. But, I had to stop where I was. 
The rules were that if you had already started, then you can join, but late.
I asked if I were able to join at the start with everyone else due to my disadvantage of having to scour, card, spin & set the twist on my Romney fleece. They said yes :)

So today I get to pick it back up and start knitting. 
However, I am soon out of yarn and will need to wash more fleece. I figure if I alternate between knitting till I run out & making more yarn, then I will stay interested enough to finish the sweater in a timely fashion.
Unlike the other sweater I am about to show you.
A sweater that I started May 1st 2011
Life got in the way and it became something to do in between kids, life, knitting deadlines etc.

But now that I have been waiting for the KAL to get started, I actually made headway and have started on the front top. This is where I am and where I will be stopping yet again.
It's time to work on my KAL sweater now. I am hoping by fall/winter that I will have two pretty sweaters to wear.

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