Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Helping those in need.

As everyone has heard on the news all around the world, Japan has suffered a major crisis. It has affected thousands of people and so many lives have been lost. I know a Japanese woman who lives here, but her family is still in Japan. Luckily though they live in the south and have only experienced tremors from the quake and are all safe and sound.

After speaking to Yoshi and hearing her worry for her country I felt that I should do something to help. Why not? While we all sit here in our comfy homes enjoying everyday that we take for granted, there are people who are suffering there without food or water.

For everyone one of my Ravelry Patterns that you purchase from now until the end of the month, you will get 50% off the cost of the pattern. All the proceeds will be donated to a fund to help those in need in Japan.

You can click HERE to choose a pattern. Even if you're not a knitter, you can purchase for a friend who is. Every dollar helps those in need, those who have nothing.

UNICEF will be my charity of choice as I know they have always been a great help worldwide.

Also if you are wondering, even if you're not from America like me, everyone is urged to help, everyone has a chance at winning some yarn. I ship worldwide.

If you are chosing to purchase to help donate, leave me a message here to let me know you have helped out. Also send me an email with the words "Helped Japan" in the subject line. At the end of the promotion I will be chosing one person with a random number generator to win some yarn from me.


Tece said...

Thank you and I totally agree w/ you- when I went to the store today I fought back tears as I put a few things in my basket- knowing that many across the globe had no store to even go to now- I have also keenly felt a sting all day long as I drank something or ate something. Ouch.

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Hello Kimberly
Thank YOU for coming to say hello. Of course I knew you. It is really so lovely to meet people in person that you have a little tipple with on line. I hope that your own London holiday turns out exactly as you would wish it. The very best.

Now that app - Touch & Go Knitting test swatch
Have fun with it.

And thank you for buying my book. Happy knitting.