Sunday, December 17, 2006

Morning Mass

Today we had to go to morning mass for Dolores because her brother had passed on about a week ago.

The problem being I caught myself twice trying to stay there was this guy walking in through the church in the middle looking at the priest then the wall then pointing at people...going though one side of the church then comming out of the other side, which about made me crack up laughing. Then he even went as far as looking over the priests shoulder during the prayers! Turns out he was a little 'CP' if your not swedish then I would say he was retarded. Though at first I didn't realize this. Paul said he had to keep from giggling too....anyways, afterwards we went to Dolores's house to eat then we came back home....not much going on really.....

Paul had mentioned about us changing the room out here into our is Paul starting to tear the room apart so we can make our masterpiece!

The next day: Scratch that....we ended up putting everything looked

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Maja said...

Haha the place looks so scandinavian. I love it.