Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Well we are supposed to go out tonight but Caro is sick so we have to put it off for another night. But thats ok!

We were in Angered at the store an hour ago and when we walked out this guy was pushing past us, rude swede! anyways he was in such a hurry for....guess what? To piss in the bushes! right where everyone could see him. I couldn't believe it! Apparently he had to go..lol

Thing is, I never have my camera with me when good shit happens. Like the postman on this little cart riding down the side of the road. I never seen anything so weird in my life. I have a lot to get used to here...I'm only in my first week...and Maja just reminded me I have been away form blogger for a year..wow. Time goes fast when your in LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Now that the room here is back to normal I have to go build my dresser now for my other clothes. If it isn't one thing it's another, but I love it. Oh, yesterday Carolina and I were at the mall, we took the SpÄrvagn in and there was a crowd around this retard...he happened to be the Svenska Idol..whoopti do, he didn't look special to me. They had guards around him and everything.

Turned out at the end of our little christmas shopping spree I got sucked into the swedish way of style a little bit. I bought the coolest shoes ever. I think Paul said they were imported from France...Things here are totally different but I really love it here. They kinda remind you of converse, but not really and they lace up past your ankles quit a bit.

As for my swedish lessons, well....I am using Rosetta Stone and I can say a lot of baby stuff..lol..and I can say bad things as well. My fave I think is Du suger elefant snopp .........'you suck elephant dick'..lol

I just want to throw this pic in becoz it's my fave!!!
(Paul and I 10 minutes after our wedding)
Here's a link to our other blog we had just for us, was for our wedding basically


Maja said...

Gorgeous dress!

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JIM said...

I like the pic, you two look verry good in your attire.