Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Out of a job

I always kinda wondered how it would be like having my wife here with me. All I can say is that distance doesen't do her justice, she is beyond wonderful. I've discovered a lot of little habits that she posseses that I never got to see before. One of them is being very handy, in an earlier post she mentioned the wardrobe we got at Ikea. At that time I was ready with my hammer and screw driver to assemble it, only to have it taken away from me and the next thing I know....she is building it herself. Yesterday we got a new dresser and again she wanted to build it her self.

What was I doing? Sipping on a drink and being fascinated with my wife...(yeah I felt kinda lazy)
In the end this post is a small tribute to my amazing wife, she continues to surprise me even to this day and she never fails to make me smile. For the record she assembled those two pieces of furniture better then I would have...I was always the hasty king of short cuts.

Bottom line...honey you rule.
So your the official assembler now and I'm the pro drinker...hmmmm.

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