Monday, January 22, 2007

Ninja warriors

It's freaking cold outside!!!!!!!!!!
We were just going out for a walk in the dark, cold, freezing, bitter, finger numbing night. At least the stars were out when we got there.

I knew it would be cold living in Scandinavia, but this cold???
I thought my legs would fall was...uhmmm - 7 celcius or +19 farenheight depending on which part of the world you live in.


Anonymous said...

wow, real cold there. i thought it was cold here, not.

Maja said...


It's hot here..

jim said...

its amazing how it can be sunny and nice out and wake up to few inches of snow the next day.It has been a while on here and hope your schooling is doing ok,i see you 2 enjoy the outdoors alot which it is good to get out and about,good exercise geiden ?lol thats cute guys,had to laugh with the masks,nice pics though keep in touch lv u miss u mean it!

Mrs CeCrux said...'s my big brother!
I haven't started school yet...shoudl be this month sometime. Yes we do enjoy the outdoors a lot. we always are going for a walk. I try to walk with Tyson for an hour everyday if the weather isn't to bad..Love you too Jim xx