Saturday, January 20, 2007

Two of the weirdest days!!!

This is going to be a VERY big post so I will keep my words few as possible.
I will start out with yesterday, January 19th.
We awoke finding it to be a beautiful day, and decided to take Tyson out for a walk in the forest.

(Me and Tyson)

(Trees from the ground up)

(King of the forest! )

(Sunlight peeking through the trees)

(My shadow)

(Paul,Tyson & I..thank god for selftimers!)

(Deep in the forest,beautiful!!!)

(Paul and Tyson down below after I climbed a BIG rock. Tysons begging to follow!)

(The view after we got to the top. I wonder how many Moose are in there?)

We were all over the forest, leaving the trail and climbing everywhere. Eventually we had to get back because it would be getting dark soon....and so ends the first day.

Then.....Today, January 20th....Paul awakes and asks me in bed if it seems colder to me inside and I say no....he then says to me, 'I think it snowed'

Eventually we get out of bed to discover this!!!!

We end up going outside because we have a dog and he has to go! I'll admit I had fun !

(Me making a Snögubbe)

(Isn't it so pretty????!!!!)

(Tyson, of course found his fave, pinecones!)

(Paul wayyyyy down below!)

(Me and Ty)

(King of the hill once again!)

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Maja said...

Beautiful snow! What a contrast with the day before. Tyson really does look out of place in the natural environment.. he's such a pretty-boy!