Sunday, February 11, 2007

Party !!!

Last night was Michael's birthday and everyone headed yet again to party central, his parents
We lock the old people downstairs while us so called 'young ones' party it up upstairs.

Le-me & Carolina

Michael, the back..
Mimmi, Caro & Le-me in the front.

Christopher & Dustin

Caro & Rose-Marie

Chris & Mimmi

Me sticking my tongue out..Paul? "I dunno what she's doing!"

Posers....Dustin, birthdayboy & bartender Michael & Christopher.

Me: Weeeeeeeee this is fun!
Paul: Uh-huh, your drunk.

Chris: What a cute face, look at these cheeks!!

Paul : Honey that's enough vodka now.
Me: Eh??

Looky at my baby!
I was soooooo out of it!

Woohoo birthday boy!

Me: blah blah blah blah....I need more drink! blah's not full yet.
Caro: uhh ok

This was only the

Caro: Oh my gosh hehehe
Me: yup..she's getting tipsy

Chris: Don't touch my corn-nuts !

Why am I the only one grinning like a dork?

Angela & Michael the Bartender

Le-me: Oh your so cute!!!!
Chris: Shoot me now.

Le-me & me

Carolina & me


mom said...


Buck said...

can i have Le-me, she is hot. also i want to come to your next party.
Party hardy.

Mrs CeCrux said...

My sweet nephew wants le-me..sheesh!