Thursday, February 15, 2007

Just some thoughts and bullcrap....

Well I know I haven't exactly been the best 'poster' as of late, but for some stupid reason I always seem to think I have to have
Not this time.
So where do I start? I have been watching a lot of movies lately, which is good because I always wanted to do things like that back home in the USA but I always didn't have the time. Paul downloads them and we watch them all, whether they are good or bad or just plain weird, we watch them.

Last night I got to watch 'Memoirs of a Geisha' it was so good and I was just so surprised at how well it was done. Tonight I watched 'The Queen' I know it just came out in theaters but who said you have to go to a cinema to watch it before it really comes out on dvd?

Other then that I watch shows like...yes. American Idol...I know, don't say it but I like it. I don't vote, though I did say I was going to this time. I think this is the best one ever so far since Kelly Clarkson.

I also took a good look at the local news website back home and seen the really bad snowstorm they are having. Why the heck don't we have any snow now?? I am in Sweden, not Africa, so why all the warm weather here? Though the other day it was freezing! Global warming.

On another note...I belong to a web forum for Americans living in Sweden and there has been an issue here with people obtaining ID cards, Immigrants like me in other words. I already have my ID card because I am married to a Swede so it was easy. I feel terrible for those who have been trying to get one since the new year and dealing with the new laws. It is now, that you must be a relative to a Swede to get one, no longer can someone you know (a swede) vouche for you. This stinks because there are people who move here for work etc...or for whatever reasons, and they can only drive on their license for a year and then thereafter they must get a Swedish one.

Without the ID card you cannot do a lot of things, One is get your license and another is pick up packages in the mail (I know from personal experience that the passport isn't good enough) There are other things why do they let people in this country then tell them they can't have an ID card? What are these people going to do if they have far to drive for work etc? Not all of them are lucky like me and live in a city where you don't need to drive because there are trams and such. Just burns me up. However I know they had reasons for their harsher rules, but for pete's sake..ease up! Turns out 'The Local' got wind of it alond with some other people and now something is being done...finally. Their new rules didn't even last a month!

If you want to read more about it, click on the link 'My Google Reader' to the right. You can click on the links on that page to read more about the article if you
It's new so I will add things here and there that I would like to share.

I am realizing their are things I will miss once I am back home. Sweden has something called Päronsoda is one. (pear soda) It is sooo good it's unreal and then there are little candies or in swedish 'godis' that I really like. One is a little blue ball of something..Hard to explain what it is but I will miss them, good thing I just got here in December...I have a long way to enjoy them yet. They have some sort of blueberry danish here and an apple danish as well thats my fave..We have them too of course back home in the USA but these just look different so to me they

What else? Oh yeah...still waiting on the bank and stuff about a cafe we want to buy...We were hoping for something by now but sometimes you have to wait for things you want the most. On Saturday though we have to cater a group of 60 I think they said it was. This ought to be fun as I have never catered before in my life. I was a chef...but to cater? I'm told it won't be bad...good!

Late enough as it is so I will shush my pie-hole for now.

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Maja said...

That's ridiculous about the id cards. I love watching movies, too, though I haven't figured out how to download them off the net. I like your new template :)