Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh my god!

We just got in...it's 10:21 pm and we had to take Tyson for a pee. It's dark out, but despite that I seen this little guy!! A hedgehog. My first live one and yep I am a dork. I crouched down saying in a dumb voice..oh my god look how cute it is!! It's tummy looks soft! I wish I could touch it. As much as Ty likes to pee on everything outdoors, he almost got his weiner poked by this thing. He only walked litterally 2 inches from it!!

Kinda hard to see, but I darkened the pic around it to make it easier.

His prickley back...I also found out that while I ran back to the house for my camera..I cannot run. I thought my chest would fall apart!

He is saying Hi!!

Maybe not with that face

OI!! Ugly shit isn't he?


Valdi said...

ahh, finally found ya :) Hardly recognised you it's been so long. Will have to update my linkage on the blog I guess. It is indeed a bit of an ugly creature that hedgehog :)

Mrs CeCrux said...

How are ya huh?
yes it's been some time, and I have posted on your site I think, but It wouldn't let me post, said it had to be approved by you, spam i guess!
How ya doin'??

Maja said...

Haha wow I didn't even know they had hedgehogs in sweden! His prickly back looks cute.. definitely a bitter looking face on him, however!

Valdi said...

i was wondering why i wasn't getting comments. It doesn't notify me. Better fix that :)

Mrs CeCrux said...