Sunday, March 25, 2007

We went for a little(ha!) walk again..killer!

Tomorrow we will go to Hagakyrkan to the viking tower thingy.
These are the only pix I have for today because, well...I'm just tired. Even Tyson barely made it back home. We walked too much today and my god it's HOT out!

The forest where we walked..

My brother once said he wondered how this particular place would look when the weather gets nicer. I took this mid-winter here. It's behind the house here....

Well's the first day of spring, and what a difference!
You can actually see the walking path now.

Wait till summer hits and there are leaves on the trees.


MOM said...

hey keep an eye on then crocus. by the pic i think there are tulips there too. i loks like the leaves of tulips. love you.

Maja said...

Wow! Such a contrast. In Australia the only difference in winter is that everything is green instead of yellow.