Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mimmi's Party

My husbands cousin Mimmi had a birthday yesterday so everyone was there as ususal....We played a few drinking games etc....and I had way too much and hangover headaches are the worst! I feel like my head will split in two...but we all had a blast though. So when you look at my pix and see some are a bit'll know why...Here are a few pictures...and HERE is the rest! On Friday we will go here---> Casino Cosmopol

Dustin,Niklas & Carolina during our little game...




Le-mi doing sit-ups coz she got the wrong card!


Maja said...

Looks like great fun!

MOM said...

Looks like a great aprty. Enjoy Friday night out. how did you do on test? love you, xxxx

Perfect Virgo said...

My Friday nights are a more sober affair (since me and drinking parted company 13 years ago). From the pictures I can see you are throwing yourslf into your new life whole-heartedly. It takes some getting used to though doesn't it.

Mrs CeCrux said...

yes Maja it was a lot of fun actually but the hangover was the worst!

I had the highest grade in my class ya too!

I used to not drink much Virgo, i still dont actually, but when they have a party here in sweden,they party yes i would like to think i have thrown myself into this new life head first..plenty to get used too, though i find my swedish comes out when ive been drinking..seems i know more then what i think ive learned in