Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I think BLOGGER has gone mad.

Well today was kinda fun in school. We had to go to the computer room..which normally is boring, but until we got set up and everything i was having fun looking at my pictures online and laughing with other people...I know, i'm not in high school anymore but sometimes you can't resist.

So I have my morning break and talk to another American who has been here 7 years...funny thing is, when he speaks swedish it's so..weird..its like he speaks swedish words with the american accent and he tries not at all the swedish way of speaking, so basically he sounds like a foreigner, big time!

I get on the tram later to come home and I took a few pix of my friends on the tram, well my cell phone cam has something called 'warp' totally messes up your face when the pic is taken, its hilarious..we..or I should say, they wrestled my cell phone away from me, or tried to coz they wanted the pix deleted. I guess thats a good thing that I did get rid of them, coz I would of posted them that they have my website or anything!

Ah yeah and Kelvin stole money from Nima..I'm not happy about this so I will tell Nima was 400 kr !! thats about..hmm..60 american dollars!

So I got home and went to the library. I decided I wanted to try and read a Swedish book, not that I'm THAT good yet, but the librarian was nice enough to point me to 2 shelves that had well known books,some well known, for beginners speaking Swedish. I started to read the one and it's ok, not too bad, so far I understand but I had to ask Paul what a few of the words meant. The ones that I didn't find in my little dictionary. Almost done with the first chapter. Basically they take the story and cut it down with smaller, simpler words and short sentences, not ones that are a mile long, and short paragraphs...basically I can read it and get the point of the story. I like it.

Anyways, time to email Eliana our homework assignment..oi!

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