Thursday, May 10, 2007


Yes really!

So it's really cold outside,what the hell happened to the nice weather we were having here? I mean..I think we are backing up into winter again. What's up with that??

I need a job! ugh!

So...the little problem with Kelvin and Nima is solved...He didn't steal his money, shocker..NOT! I think he had every intention of doing so but then thought better of it after he told me about it and got him a månadskort anyways and for the cheaper price too! However that will pose a problem for Nima if the tram controllers decide to check him out, and he will be in deep shit, it will be Kelvins fault..Nima is too old to have a card thats priced for people younger then him..I'll probably be thrown in the mix too coz I am the one who told Nima what Kelvin told me he would do with his money..steal it!

yeah I told, so what? It wasn't right...BUT..I don't want to get caught up in the mess if there gets to be anyways...

I met an American guy in school today...guess where he's from? 20 minutes from my home in the USA!!! what????? Are you for real you say? Yup I am..small world dangit...he moved here 3 months before I did..maybe that was 4 months before,anyways......

I screamed at Amaro this morning, yelling out the second story window of the school,across the parking lot.."hey puto!!! vien aqui !!"..hey bitch come! I couldn't stop myself. He is from Chile so he understood me quite well..he just laughed...only one other person knew what I said, Edson...then later when I left school and I was on the tram, I passed Edson and Amaro..they were on the street on their bikes...I pressed my face to the window and I stuck my tongue out at them and gave them the middle finger..(needless to say I had to stop writing this part for a second coz I cracked up laughing thinking about it..jeez)...they seen me, the look on Amaro's face was priceless.

What else..uhm...thats it.


Maja said...

haha. Honesty is the best policy. And everyone likes a bit of fun, I bet they all love you :)

Maja said...

Hey I just had a look at the atlantica article, that's so cool! You're practically famous! You must have given her some good tips to be quoted twice! It's lucky for Eliza Reid that I told you about it. hehe

Mrs CeCrux said...

hey maja..thanks but I doubt anything near wrote a half decent email with plenty of things to do around the city...but more like lucky for me! tack så mycket!