Friday, July 20, 2007

Funky Monkey & other weird shit

Funkey Monkey takes on Gothenburg, Sweden and the lady in red who won't get the hell out of my camera view!!!!!!

(He's one high-tech super chimp??)

(I like his shorts, shows off his legs!)

So anyways as I said, I was going to get off at a busy spot in the city on my way home from work..which I did only because my origional spårvagn didn't come on time and I took the first one that came after, which meant switching rides at the busy spot.....This lady in red was ALWAYS in my view just when I had a good pic of thousands of she had eyeballs in the back of her head that told her to move to the left everytime I hit the shutter button...bitch.

Stepping off the spårvagn..she's there....

Turning the corner to cross the bridge, she's there!

Walking across the bridge, another good shot,(or so I thought) but she's there..AGAIN!!! Looks like I'm stalking her.

Then!! Finally I have a good one...This f&$king guy comes from nowhere!!! He is blocking the horde of humans between the buildings. Where's Funkey Monkey when I need him?

So I try this angle. No good. only a dumb shot of the tram tracks and the stupid Kebab shop..blahhhh! But if you click on the pic to make it bigger you can actually see other humans lurking about. Not that you care anyways.... usually there is 3 times as many Swedes here, so crowded that everyone bumps into each other, but it was a bit cooler out today so they all started hibernation I guess.

I seen my friend Martha though after I took that shot...not that it's important to you or anything.

Oh yeah and this is Tove at work (pronounced two-vay)..hehe...... look at her silly, old style, American diner get-up.
This is Maja making a cappuchino. Nice dress!..hehe


mom said...

like i do care, lol. i really do. wow that boy is tall for his age. yep lovely dresses. love oyu, mom

Old Knudsen said...

I now have the urge to go and buy a red tracksuit.

Diners/restaurants are like weddings, those incharge always make the others waiters/bridesmaids dress in some silly manner, its sadistic.

Anonymous said...

Makes me think of a bullfight, you did tackle her at the end, right hun?

Mrs CeCrux said...

If i'd of tackled her I'm sure the blunt force of attack would've had me bouncing back a few feet and on my ass from her...'cushion'

Mrs CeCrux said...

Old K i think pink would suit you better..hehe