Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well I got to sleep in a little bit today, so instead of being at work at 6 am, I didn't have to start till 10 am, which was nice because I am working 9 days straight. Killer! I feel better then I have been but still too tired to do my workout.

I run into some funny people and talk to some strange ones and see even weirder ones at work. Where I cook is kinda right in the open so customers can see..I dunno why it's like that but I work better when there isn't 100 people staring at me....either way, people are freaking weird.

I seen so far a guy come in, with work clothes on, BUT he didn't have the traditional work pants on, he had on a work skirt! I had to look twice because it was just odd. I overhear people saying how it's cute that we are'trying' to be American, but we just aren't cutting it right....Little do they know that the American cafe' I work in just happens to behold a real live American, within hearing distance, who can hear and understand them..ME! And maybe unbeknownst to them all Swedes understand english..for f*&ks sake! Oh yeah and when I looked at this one table who were saying shit yesterday, they shut up so fast..hehe...... I laughed on the inside.

Some Americans come in wanting something special or just being plain snotty. Whereas when a Swede sees what is on the menu, they take what they want, they don't change it or ask for anything special, or ask for this extra or this without or please can you add more cheese????

No. BUT!!! For some strange reason they take advantage that we are an American cafe and they think..ohhhhhhh choices, lets change it up a bit and fuck with the chef..ME!...then they walk down the street maybe later in the day and go to another cafe and order whats what and leave it be..they don't ask for specialties..ugh!

I like Swedes..I really do. They are a funny bunch of people and Ilike to watch them when Iam out in the city comming home from work, or like today when I stopped at the mall for a few things on the wayhome. They just wear whatever they feel like wearing, doesn't matter if it matches, looks really bad or whatever. They just wear it and it fascinates me. They wear it well and everyone does it and it's cute. They layer clothes like crazy in a weird way....They are something else. Then in the middle of all this, you see the Al-qaida group gathered in the middle of the mall talking like they swallowed their tongues....strangers from Bulgaria or whatever sitting outside the mall on their hands and knees rocking back and forth begging for money. Everyone ignores them.

If you have ever been to New York City then you have been to Gothenburg Sweden as well, because when the sun comes out, Swedes come out of the cracks in the walls ...like roaches..all of a sudden they appear and you wonder where the hell they all came from. If I think about it I will stop at one of the main stops within the next day or two and take a few pictures with my mobile. It's rediculous how many people there is here...It's like the Macy's Parade all in one room, thats how crowded it is..I love it!!!!!

One second you hear blah blah blah blah..swedish, arabic, persian,blah blah..then in a split second you understand everything because someone just walked by you and spoke english, like today I heard..'Look,there's that bulldog again....' blah blah blah...funny.
So I come home and Paul and I go pick up our package from Ellos, a clothing shop online. And of course I try it on etc etc, Paul asks me to get my bling bling sunglasses and he wants to take pictures of me in my one new outfit in front of the house..oh my god I am such a dork!!!!!
Needless to say in this next picture..I don't know WHAT that look is for but I look like..'yeah I'm cool shit'..fact is I was trying not to smile because Paul told me to smile. He wanted a close-up..ewwwww


Old Knudsen said...

You have seen the Ugly American abroad, everything is too small or too old etc, in the States we get a plate this size and free drinks, yes I have met them too.

When I was a young un I'd wonder where all the hot weemen came from as when the sun came out so would they, where did they hide when it was cold?
Wheres that picture on yer sidebar? you look like Nigella Lawson in it, very apt I thought.

Old Knudsen said...

I don't miss the scary eyes at the top.

mom said...

Hi Kimmmy,
old knudsen is something else, lol.
Hey by the way i like that look, cute not matter what you do. like the new outfit.
i loved the blog, real good one.
love you , mom

Mrs CeCrux said...

Pic on the sidebar went runnin with the wind old k...nah.. i dunno what i did with it...but i doubt i look like nigella..lol

hey hey momma..yeah old k is great...read his blog once!

Old Knudsen said...

Be careful, yer mum may fall in love with me, I get that a lot.

Mrs CeCrux said...

oh yeah old k...she probably would...and she might even become your next stalker like banana boy