Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nya Ullevi Stadion

Paul and I went for a walk the other morning while we waited for the dentist office to open...We came across Scandinavia's largest football (soccer) stadium which is here in the city. Its called Nya Ullevi...its magnificent to see in person, absolutely huge and looks like the sides will fall in from the way it's shaped. It seems as though only the light poles are holding it up, but we know that isn't true, looks are deceiving.

I have two pictures here.
One I took myself.....

And the other I found online which was taken from the Liseberg tower.

Anyways, Tyson and I went for a little walk towards Hjällbo today, and guess what we found when we walked off the trail and into the woods?
You guessed it, blueberries!

As for the link on Hjällbo...thats the one spårvagn stop I see every single day, the same one for at least 6 months now..sigh*
Funny, I just found a lot of photos..THIS one is going into Centralstationen.
LOOKS kinda gross in this
Anyways, I just realized I think thats one of the older ones anyways..actually all of them are a few years old and it looks much better now then it did before....
So thats all I have to say really.


MOM said...

Hej Kim,
Eat some blueberruies for me please. I love them so much with my cereal in the morning. I like the pics. The tram looks nice inside. better then the buses here. love you, MOM

Mrs CeCrux said...

The new trams are really nice inside, that was one of the older ones from 2 years ago.