Thursday, August 16, 2007

Vad kan jag göra????

So my dog was sleeping yesterday on the couch, and I wanted to see how close I could get to his cute little face without waking him up. Look!
How freaking cute is he????
Then he woke up and I bugged the hell out of him i'm sure.
What the hell you lookin' at??
What are you doin' down there?
I'm not awake yet!
What the hell! Will you stop?
I am sure he thought of all those things. His face says it all, but then again maybe only Paul and I see the faces he makes. Today I had to go visit my boss at work to discuss some papers...on the way home I stopped at a place called 'The English Shop' which primarily has all those things that people from the UK use and miss while living far from home. Also they have American products, and I seen some things that I have not seen in a good long time, almost a year to be exact. I have only been living in Sweden for 8 months and 6 days.
It's funny how much more expensive something can be just because it's imported, with the exception of the Cherry Coke I bought for Paul, it was pretty cheap actually. But I seen they had Jiffy corn muffin mix for $5 !!!!!! I pay maybe $1 at home for crazy! So anywho, I headed for the nearest tram stop, and could see water that comes from the sea, just a peek of it, and felt like I wanted to go there. And so I did.
I knew there was a place where I could really get there to it so I got on the tram, got off at the mall, walked all the way through to the other side, went up the escalater and through the tubed bridge that goes over the highway and down the other side to the water. It's so peaceful there. I didn't stay because I needed to make another stop before home. The water was choppy and the wind was a little nippy, but it was nice. I should of sat down on one of the benches that are against the waters edge, but I didn't.
This big sail ship in the background is actually a floating hotel called The Viking, or it says Viking on the front of it when I walked closer to it.
You can click on the pictures to make them bigger if you like.
I turned and faced to my right and seen this.....

I seen these ships sitting in the port too just a little further down.
Then I turned around and went back, went to my other stop, then home. I'd say it was a pretty good day.
Oh and..I go home to the USA in 2 weeks!! woohoo! Just for 1 week, but still! I miss my family.


mom said...

Hej Kim,
Awesome, kool pics. Glad you got to see this. had to be super. I would have sat for a bit and just look at it you.Mom xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you, but that's not the sea, that's the river göta älv.

Mrs CeCrux said...

Yes, and I know that it's water from the North Sea that runs through the canal,and that's the name of it, thank you but I was just being general about it. Then I re-read what I had written since reading your comment, and I thought I wrote one thing when actually it was something else. I wrote 'the ocean' when in fact I should of just put 'water from the sea'... which I did correct in my post. thanks!

Valdi said...

Dogs aren't cute :) Nice pics. Only one week @ home? sheesh, lightning tour!

Old Knudsen said...

I thought the Swedes were Vikings just look at all of those landlubber boats.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

jim said...

well well thanx for sharing the blog, pics were beautiful for sure.tyson was cute ,i had a chuckle.looks like he did say leave me be.LMAO! THANX FOR YOUR COMMENTS IN BLOG. you hv to go back and look .and i patiently awaight you visit for sure.hope your bringin tissues lol thanx for sharing luv ya! jim.