Monday, August 27, 2007

Another word for 'Stingy'

I had school today.
whopti do da
Actually, I like my teachers and the class I am in.
I have made a few friends already.
This one girl is from Baghdad, Iraq. Her name is Shaeima and she's really nice. She's kinda small and makes me think of a little girl, she's very quiet too.

Then we have..uhmm..oi, what's his name? starts with an A and no it's not Ali....anyways he is from Iran and he's a very nice guy. I also learned that there are homework assignments that we get to choose what order we get to do them in! and when! But we must complete the list of homework and all the tests before we can pass the class. The last day of school is December 21st......however there will also be other assignments which the teachers will give out that we MUST do when they say it has to be done. Today was the first day and I went to the bokhyllan and grabbed a pärm with homework and took #1, brought it home and did it. Paul corrected it for me, just a few mistakes.

So...I fly back to the USA on Saturday early morning...I think we figured it was 12 hours to get there and 14 hours to come back here. So I will get a week at home to visit with my family, but I think the time will fly so fast that it will seem like it's not enough. The day after I come back here, I have school.......jet lag is going to stink! I haven't even started packing yet or doing all my laundry. I'll get to it...I guess I should start tomorrow or Wednesday..ugh!

Anyways, I was looking up synonyms.....and the word I searched for was 'generous' gives you all sorts of things...but I will let you look for yourself on this one because I can't believe what I seen. When you click on the link you will see other words under 'stingy' and they have arrows next to them, look at the 5th arrow down and tell me what you see in that row of words.


Perfect Virgo said...

Have a great week back home. I bet you will try to see as many people as possible and the days will just fly by.

(For a synonym site I wonder why it seems only to have antonyms? - weird)

Mrs CeCrux said...

Thanks PV....I wondered the same thing, why so many antonyms?

Old Knudsen said...

It told me page not found ah well. Have fun at home I'll wave to all the planes that fly over Killamory.

Mrs CeCrux said...

hmm, maybe the page was acting up old works fine for me...and thnx..i will have lots of fun at home! i'll wave back:)

Maja said...

Wow, you're going for only a week! Crazy!