Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So yes I was sick and had to deal with heat I wasn't really used to anymore. I went from one extreme climate to the other and therefor I got sick as a dog. It doesn't take long to become accustomed to the more relaxed weather here. The day after I got there we had a BBQ at my sisters friends house. It was her friends husbands birthday. Thats when I got to say everything I wanted to say to my sisters husband...He was the one who asked me to talk in Swedish, and so I did. Everything yucky and nasty I could think to say to him in Swedish came right on out.

It was nice and fun and after awhile I got tired and just wanted to go back to moms because I was jet-lagged.

Uhmm lets see....I shopped for many many american food items and candies etc etc that I would bring back to Sweden...ate at my sisters house when she cooked me one of my favourite meals and went on a motorcycle ride with my brother to Doc Hollidays for a few drinks and something to eat.

What else did I do? I played with my kids like crazy, shopped some more, walked around town and went to my old place of work to visit with my friends who I worked with. Mom and I went out to eat lunch together the one day after we went to the market house for some fresh fruit,veggies and desert.

On Thursday my dad came upstairs to wake me up to tell me he just went to his job to tell them he has to take mom to the hospital. What? I sat up confused at first then I could hear my mom moaning in pain, serious pain, and I never heard anything like it before. I got up and went downstairs to see my mom on the floor, sweating and bent over, throwing up and hurting really bad. I didn't know what was wrong with her, the only thing I did know was that she was hyperventilatng and I had to get her to slow her breathing down, which I did, but it wasn't easy for her to do.

Dad and I though she had food poisoning and we tried to dress her and get her downstairs to the car to go the the hospital, that was easier said then done. Eventually we got her all the way down the steps and outside but couldn't get her to the car, so dad called the ambulance, and they came, and she went...

I was leaving a few days later on Sunday and figured she would be ok(food poisoning) so dad went to the hospital and I stayed home to shower and then I was to call dad so he could come get me.....when I was ready I called the hospital and talked to mom but they said they didn't know what was wrong. I started to worry because my mom is a cancer patient and to have something go bad is not good! Obviously.

In the end it turned out to be ok, she had a blockage in her intestines and she couldn't digest her food, it just got stuck there...I went to the hospital to see her during my last days. Saturday, the day before I had to go, we were to have a family gathering at my sisters house because I had requested to see my whole family all at once before I come back to Sweden. However I wasn't feeling up to it because I didn't want to go have fun while she is laying in the hospital.

Mom insisted to everyone that we do it anyways and she was serious. Well in the end we did have the BBQ and I wish mom could of been there but she couldn't. That was when I had to say goodbye to my sister. She cried a lot and I felt terrible, but I have a life here in Sweden now. Afterwards we went into the city so I could see mom at the hospital and then I went to moms house to pack everything, and figure out how in the hell I was going to get all this shit and food into my luggage!!

The next morning I woke early and showered etc and waited for my brother to come over because he was going to ride along with us to the airport. He came on dad however stepped out that morning and said he would be back by 11am so we can go see my mom for an hour before we have to head to the airport.

I waited and waited. My brother came and we waited and waited. I started to get angry because 11am came and went and I knew I wasn't going to see her before I left. I was upset and started to cry, my brother gave me a hug, that was the sweetest thing ever! The latest I could leave was 12 noon, dad came walking in the door at 11.55. I was mad, hurt and upset and I told him that we were to leave earlier to see mom and he knew it....he tried to say we had time still, but we didn't, I knew that.

We drove to Philadelphia airport, drove around the place 3 times till we finally figured out where you park the car. I went through all the hoopla with check in etc and said my goodbyes to my brother and my dad and went to the back through security and so on and I didn't wait long at all before I was on my way back here.........


mom said...

Hej Kim,
I am glad you had fun while you were here. I sure do miss you.
Been busy running to the dr's this week. I am worn out. only 1 more to go, chemo on friday. love you,
mom xxxx

Perfect Virgo said...

Sounds like you had an amazing week. I can so relate to your experience for obvious reasons.

By the way the date of your post here was my 50th birthday - I spent it camping in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. (saw a moose!)

Mrs CeCrux said...

oh happy belated bday PV!!! you seen a moose??????????? i'm jealous