Saturday, October 27, 2007

Everyone looks the same

It's true. When there is a fashion here in Sweden everyone follows, including myself.
Everyone dresses the same. It's cute but..hmm---Where is the individuality?

I had a VERY long day at work, listening to Swedes talk to me too fast when I asked them to speak slower for me.....long lines, and me standing in front of the hot stove to cook for them. I felt like my back would break. I didn't have anyone to help me in the kitchen today either.........That's thanks to my boss.

I won't say anymore. Except I got a box of jelly beans for free for my hard work today instead of the lunch break I should of gotten..Oh wait, thats right. I never get a lunch break..ever, not even after 10,5 hours like today.

Anywho..... There was a demonstration today in central so all the spårvagns got re-directed. Lucky me. Actually I didn't care. I just sat on the damn thing until I had to switch to another one, last minute.

I think swedes are cool though. These girls I work with are something else. And then I look at all the others that are around me everyday in the city. They are a funny bunch, very stylish and sometimes to the extreme. Right now the 80's are whats in. I can't complain. They threw in a dash of the 50's and 60's in with the I hear the 90's might be making a comeback. I don't give a shit, I am sticking with the clothes I bought because I love them and wouldn't trade them for the world.

As for how I look when I am at home in the US? Like a foreigner in my own country. I actually managed to try and keep it neutral when I flew home 2 months ago...was kinda hard though.

Tid för mina läxor....Jag måste studera mer svenska, oj oj oj !!!!!!


Maja said...

In Iceland it's the same. Everyone dresses to the very latest fashion. Although when I think about it the young girls in Australia are all dressing in that 80's style as well. At least, Jason's daughter and all her friends do. Maybe they're just trendy.

Mrs CeCrux said...

The 80's have hit everywhere I think, but not in the USA yet, they are rather behind in style.

Anonymous said...

The 80s... It's terrible, everyone walking around with the wrong colours mixed, extremely tight jeans, dotty t-shirts and those frikking tights! Please women in Sweden - get to your senses!

Mrs CeCrux said...

yeah...but its much more stylish then in the