Thursday, October 25, 2007

Turkey day

Well Thanksgiving is comming and for us Americans it's not exactly a small dinner.
I have FINALLY found the turkey, or I should say turkeys because I had to buy 3. They are smaller here then they are in the USA. Either way I am now ready to prepare for the huge feast that will be in 4 weeks!

Can't wait to shove my face full till I turn blue and stuffing comes out my ears and gravy dripping off my chin.


MOM said...

great, you got the turkeys. I am so glad for you. hope you have them in the freezer till then. take them out about 2 days before so they can thaw. haha me telling you how to do this, duh.I hope it turns out super good for you. hope everyone likes it. have a good day. Hej da, MOM XXXX

Mrs CeCrux said...

yep, i got them in the freezer....i hope it turns out good ya! xxxx

Maja said...

Nothing like a special occasion to warrant overeating!

Mrs CeCrux said...

thats exactly right maja...i love stuffing myself to