Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What I sometimes do.

In the winter some of my favourite hobbies come out. Reading, crocheting and of course knitting. No I am not an old granny. It's just something I like to do. I have been crocheting for about....I don't know, 9 years? Somewhere around there but only within the past year or two have I gotten into doing more difficult things like doileys that are made with small thread etc.

I think I got pretty good at it. I can even crochet with my own pattern instead of using something that I have to follow directions with...well just when I make simple things like blankets and scarves. I don't know when I started to knit..it's been quite some time but not as long as crocheting..or has it? I don't remember really. With knitting it's the same thing, I only did blankets etc and the easy stuff that I can do with or without a pattern to follow.

Just this past winter I tried something new called 'cable' and I am trying to make a scarf with it but I am not too into it, it's not easy. And then for the first time this past week I knitted my first pair of mittens. They aren't the prettiest things but they work and I am proud of them. I squashed them down when I took the photo so they look funny....I didn't think about that before I took it.


As far as anything else thats been going on, I have to say my swedish is improving quite a bit. I have had 3 tests so far in school, the first one I didn't have any wrong and these last 2, I got 18 right out of 20! And then on top of it all of my homework projects lately only have 2, maybe 3 little things wrong, like maybe I forgot the 2 little dots above a word or maybe I accidently said 'a lot of' when I should of written 'many'...silly things and mostly dumb things.

This one packet had like 30 pages or something in it, and each page has shitloads of stuff to do on it. I got freaking 3 wrong on the whole thing! That's it. I am so happy, but it's not over..it's getting tougher. I am hoping I can get this all down so I can graduate school in December.


MOM said...

WOW! Nice job on the mittens. I need a pair,just kidding.
Congrats on the great job in school. I always knew you could do it.I didn't raise a dummy.
Chemo went well today.

Perfect Virgo said...

I can't crochet but believe it or not I can knit! My mum taught me when I was a boy. She was always knitting sweaters for me and my brother. She gave the fronts an interesting texture with the "cable stitch" you mentioned!

Mrs CeCrux said...

thanks mom....i dont think ill be making any anytime soon!..lol
they made me crazy but they werent too hard i guess. love u too xxx

hey PV, you know there are so many men that can knit.Once there was something on tv about all these guys who knit..its crazy and actually not all that bad actually to see a guy doing it now. my mom did the same when i was little, she knitted sweaters. i havent even tried to go there yet!

Maja said...

It's so impressive how you're learning swedish. I'm always impressed when people learn other languages, but still, good work!

And I'm well impressed you can knit mittens. I can only do scarves!

Mrs CeCrux said...

Thanks Maja!

Well the mittens were not the easiest thing in the world to make but yet again not so hard. You should try it once.