Sunday, November 4, 2007

Winter darkness

It's actually really pretty out today. The weather report says it is going to snow starting wednesday. I hope so!!!! Seeing as it's dark already by 4:30 pm I might as well get something out of it rather than being depressed. So snow it shall be to make the darkness all worthwhile.

I don't know what it is about winter in the dark, but it feels so cozy to me. It's dead quiet and you hear nothing, your all bundled up like a snow bunny and even though it's freezing out there while your standing in it, there's just nothing else like it in the world.

I just made some cinnamon rolls with raisins in it. I think maybe they are too sweet but nobody in the house seems to mind it. If it was too sweet they would tell me for sure! I'm happy for that because it's better then being led to think it's ok when it's not, which this time I do think it's too much sugar perhaps- and possibly too many raisins.

I want to go outside but my jacket is wet. I just washed I have another one, thinner for sure. As long as I don't get sick that's all that matters right?

Last winter, my first one here in Sweden, I walked the dog outside in the middle of the night so he could do his business. I wasn't afraid. I would just walk the trails behind the house through the trees. Just me and the dog, little Tyson. It was great just going out there only seeing by the light of the snow. I felt really safe.

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Maja said...

Winter is definitely cosy, when you've got heating!

Cinnamon rolls sound yummy! Just wear lots of layers to keep warm, and a scarf, beanie and gloves of course!