Sunday, December 23, 2007

I hate turning 32

Not anything really going on.

It's got to be the worst thing to be born on today of all days.
Well it is, I should know.

Why so damn close to christmas?
I should be old enough not to really care anymore and in most ways I don't.
I think for the most part it would be better if it was just forgotten.

I could just wake in the morning and it would be as if it was just another day.

Most people get a big party. I don't. Ah well. (sorry for those who do)

Just so my message here is not missconstrued....i dont want a party...never did..and as i said in the beginning..or a few sentences back i said that it would be better if it was just forgotten. However, any part that someone wishes to try to make that day better for me, I'm not going to put down because I appreciate all thats done for me. I just want to make that clear so nobody gets the wrong idea of what I am trying to say here. Anyways, lets move on!..It's christmas!!


Michelle Dawn said...

"Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU..."

Aw, I feel bad for you and your "too-close-to-Christmas birthday." My close friend Hayley was born on Christmas Day, so I've heard your lament before!

Maybe you should start celebrating your birthday in the middle of the summer. Do something silly like that -why not?

Mrs CeCrux said...

thanks...nothing bad about it.. i just dont really like its all good

glad its over!

Maja said...

Happy birthday for yesterday gorgeous! My friend´s daughter shares your birthday, and my aunt´s birthday is the 24th. We don´t need birthdays anymore anyway, being in our thirties and all. xox

And god jul! Gleðileg jól. Merry christmas!

Mrs CeCrux said...

thanks maja

you nailed it...once you hit 30 its all crap

i like making others bdays good..just dont care for it myself you know?

Mrs CeCrux said...

God jul till dig också maja!

Anonymous said...

I sure wish you loved your birthday. I sure felt it was special bein so close to Christmas. You were the best present I ever got for Christmas. I wish I could have wished you a happy B day sooner in the day. The ISP is bein a big pain in the butt. Out all most all day today and was out yesterday too. I am so sick of calling them. Getting a new ISP. Love you, MOM

sapphire said...

i'm the 20th of i feel your "whateverness"

but god jul!