Thursday, December 20, 2007

Little x-mas get together

Just a few pictures of my school christmas party today, was also the very last day of school for me for good!

My teachers from left Klas, Calle, och Staffan

Me on the left and my good friend Tatiana

I don't know why Shaema is hugging me.

Left to right..Olfie,Tatiana,Shaema

Of course the rest of the pictures are on my photos page.

I got to eat foods from other countries too as we all brought something in to eat. The one thing I ate was turkish food. It was rice wrapped inside of grape leaves with this very strong flavor that was ok if you ate only a little, I couldn't eat more then one leaf. I ate food also from taiwan which tasted just like the food I eat here at home, pinoy... I had some desert from was 'ok' ... There was a bit of everything, quite interesting.

This is something I came by on MOGLI's" Blog

Yeah yeah I tried it...except for the last one, was not sticking my boobs on the keyboard. I had to press the back of my ear though, wonder if thats cheating? Its not that hard if you concentrate!

1. Write your name using the little finger: mrs cecrux
2. Write your name using your elbow: mrscecrux
3. Write your name using your forehead: 4re34r58uz
4. Write your name with the heel of your foot: mkr5scde3cr4578x
5. Write your name using your nose: mrscecruz
6. Write your name with your ear: t, fv vjn
7. Write your name with your mouth: mrfscrux
8. Write your name with your willy/punani (originally balls but it is not easy, girls can use your boobs) jfslckvf

I am guessing this is what swedes do in their spare time?


den gamla goda drängen said...

What's that name? Ulfita? haha...I'm sorry but I just had to get it out...

Mrs CeCrux said...

Ulfita comes from Peru...never heard of such a name myself! Worse even we have a woman who was in the class and her name was Gulala...don't ask!

Ok it was Iraqi.

Another person had part of their name Monsoon..jesus. and quite a few names that took me quite some time but I now can say the name Abdulkualiq without thinking twice.

Mrs CeCrux said...

and also it's hard to get used to the name muhanned instead of muhammed..eeek!

Nice try Herr Anonym...I can always tell when it's

MOM said...

I am glad you had a nice party at school especially since it was the last day. Now I am wondering was it American food you took in or what? Nice to try food from other countries.Some very beautiful ladies in the class besides you. Yes you are so don't say anything,lol. You know you are. Mom gets the last word. Love you, MOM XXXX

Mrs CeCrux said...

Actually like an idiot, no I didn't take american food in. My mother in law made one of my favourite deserts of hers called mandeltårta. Its that one I told you about with the peaches and whipped cream in between layers of cake and meringue with almonds on top..freaking delicious..actually I have some left...should go eat some now...

jim said...

what a great time you had .and the spelling quiz was interesting.perhaps sometime i might have to try this.and i might have to add this as a blog just to see who gives it a try.thanx

Mrs CeCrux said...

Ah crap...I realized I mispelled olfies name..but I am sure it doesnt make a difference and i see exactly WHY you thought it was funny...great!

hey jim! the quiz was quite funny and i am sure i looked like a retard doing it!

mogli said...

Cool party you got there! Great you did the tag! I did feel silly doing (some of) the items...Hahaha!

Mrs CeCrux said...

yeah I felt silly too!

Maja said...

rice wrapped in vine leaves. Dolmades, aren´t they? I used to love them, but ate them too often and now I´m sick of them.