Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Well, today I found out the results of my SFI Prov test.
I am officially bi-lingual!
I have finished my course and passed with flying colors..thank god!!!!!!!!!
I was actually a little concerned.
Yesterday night was also my christmas party at work. I got home just after midnight I think and had to wake at 5.30am so I could go to school. I had quite a bit to drink and managed to sober up enough to make it home. It's a long 45 minutes to get here from there. So anyways We had a mix of mexican and american food...we drank and drank and we did some traditional things like apparently swedes have these drinking songs that you sing quickly before you take a shot of something. I don't know the songs but I took the shots...they tasted like floor cleaner.

Here are a few pictures from the night. Because of the low lighting my mobil camera was shit. I'll put the rest on my photos page.
Joakim,Kalle and me
Most of everyone....
Patrik of course!


Michelle Dawn said...

Congratulations! Looks like a fun time... you must have been TIRED the next day :)

mom said...

WOW See did I not tell you that you could do it.I am so proud of you sweety. I keep telling you that you are smart.
Looks like a fun party. Hum ,wonder if I could get a job so I can party hardy.
Love you, mom xxxxx

Mrs CeCrux said...

Michelle: I am definatelly tired today! I just woke from a nap actually...There was no way I would of made it till even 6 o' clock this evening if I hadn't.

Mom: Thanks. You can get drunk even without working if you wanted to..lol