Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday, December 10th 2007

Today is the day I arrived here in Sweden exactly one year ago.
Time went fast.


Michelle Dawn said...

Wow! Yes, PV celebrates his one year in Canada anniversary on the 13th -just a few more days. Time does fly, and yet so much has happened this year... New home, marriage, trip to the UK, another new home, new job, pregnancy, another new job... makes me dizzy!

Tell me, what is your favourite (thing or things) about living in Sweden? The scenery? The people? The lifestyles? The opportunities?

Mrs CeCrux said...

my faves is the scenery here by the sea..the people? sometimes, ok most of the way of life is nicer here for the most part..there'll always be something i dont care for,same as back home but I feel more relaxed here and not so rushed.