Thursday, December 13, 2007


Just a few pix..This first one is of my co-worker Patrik. He's half american-half swedish and today he was being very American. I mean come on... look at this guy!! But he's hilarious and fun to work with. He was saying in this pic "Oohhhhh look at me look at meeee!!

Then we have Steve who is in my class. He actually lived VERY near me in the USA, only 20 minutes away.. We had exams on Monday and he was hungover as you can tell.

This is of my one friend Veronica, me and Steve after a few tests. We had a break at this point. I don't know why my mobile got fuzzy.

Anywho, thats it really.
Oh yeah, this is me while we set up for Christmas here around the house with a star balancing on my head. (Wasn't easy!)
And our tree!!


Michelle Dawn said...

Cute photos Mrs C! You make a lovely tree :) I hope the tests went well.

MOM said...

You look beautiful, Just imagine you there like that surounded by presents, tons of them.
Look at my reply under the cutlery post.
God Jul,Enjoy the holidays.
Love you, MOM XXX

Mrs CeCrux said...

Thanks michelle and mom,,,reply under cutlery post? i didnt notice..will go you too mom

Anonymous said...

Its about time they had open ID here...Patrik has a side butt.

Maja said...