Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Det Snöar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This just started about 8 or 9 minutes ago. It's just a dusting, but it's still comming down pretty good. Give it time and we might actually have something to play in!!!!

Så...Jag har gjört äpple-kanel-kardemumma muffins idag. Jag tror de smaka jätte-jätte gott! Bättre än kokosmuffins!
De har mandel blandad med honung på toppen.

It stopped snowing. Crap! It's all melted thanks to the rain. Making these delicious apple muffins helped pass the time and warm the tummy.


Mom said...

Did you make them for me? I wonder how long it would take to get here by mail. Bet they would be moldy,lol.Just eat one for me or maybe two of them since I am hungry for a snack. Oh add a cup of tea also.
Love You, XXXXX

Mrs CeCrux said...

noooo.. i made them for me!
Yeah momma I think they would be kind of moldy till they got back to the usa....ill make them for you someday!

Ive already had two and tea, earl grey tea to be exact. hope thats ok?

Maja said...

Yum yum yum!

Pity about the snow melting. I hope you get some soon!

Michelle Dawn said...

Omg, they look delicious!

Not quite enough snow to make a snowman yet, but you can come shovel our walk for some if you want ;) The grass is always greener...

The Hairy Swede said...

fan vilket uselt vinter... jag vill ha snö!