Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Så där...

Jag skulle, kunna, vill har...

ok that makes no sense. I am having my 'weekend' wednesday and thursday coz I have to work fredag, lördag and söndag.

Not sure what to do tomorrow besides sleep in.
I know I am baking though...

Mera muffins!
Äpple, kardemumma, kanel, kanske med lite russin också.... med mandel på toppen!!!
Yummy freaking yummy!

I have no apples so I might have to wait for min lön (paycheck)...det kommer fredag.

So, I have decided to do my blog half in english and half in swedish....svengelska.
I used to have a swedish blog but I deleted it coz I was too lazy.

UUhhmm...Sad to say but I can't remember what I did the past hour besides eat toast...drink tea and uhm...jag är dum I huvudet. I think I need to sleep soon. It's been a long past few days.

My stupid disclaimer....
If you don't understand my mix between english and swedish then I'm sorry.
Om du kan inte forstår min svenska och engleska tillsammans...tvärr!...jag menar förlåt mig.

nighty night allihop!


Smek This! said...

So this is how it feels like to read somebody else's blog and not understanding what's the point of of the post, LOL!

Muffins smakar very good :) They make great muffins in Sweden, I must admit.

Mrs CeCrux said...

lol..thanks smek!
i try to make it as confusing as possible

MOM said...

I think you succeded in making it confusing,lol. I understood what you were doing. I do like to try and figure out what the Swedish words are. Leave it to me,lol. Love you,

Mrs CeCrux said...

good mom!
Someday i can teach you and we can have conversations in swedish!