Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dpn's,sc, skip 1 st.....and so on.

I am going to try to be more 'universal' with my blogging.
What I mean by that is post about other things that I am interested in.

Like knitting for example.
I like to knit and I like to crochet.

I'm not 80 and I am not 50, but who says you have to be older to like such things?
I am finding out that there are many younger people, younger then my 32 years, who love knitting and such.

I found that here on blogger there are many knitting blogs and I am going crazy for a pattern for socks. I have crocheted socks, but never knit them befre. I think there is something beautiful in the way they look with the different angles and patterns that can be made with a set of needles, or in the case of socks.....circular needles.

I have a problem where I start something and then start something else meanwhile, and then again another project, to where I have maybe 4 things going at once, like now. I have started to crochet a blanket with 'american' colors. It's almost done I am proud to say. I have a nice doily that I started onl to pass the time until I got paid so I could buy more yarn for the blanket. It to is waiting to be finished. Months ago I started a pair of socks, and apparently I am not the only person out there who is described as a 'one sock knitter' I have one, the other I haven't even begun.

I also have a hat I am trying to knit. Well sort of. I hate using double pointed needles. It's a first for me to use anything of the sort, but I hate them. How can you knit on one needle when you have 3 others in the way? I know the answer to that, but still, it's annoying. It's possible here ad there I will add little photos of things I am working on. Yeah. I think i'll do that.

I read too, but you know I have read almost every single book Anita Shreve has ever written. I have 3 more to go!!! I just have one here at home and two more to buy. I've been so wrapped up in my projects that I haven't had time to start another book. Ok I have tried, but I haven't gotten past the first chapter. Might be awhile!

Anyways, here is that blanket I am almost done with in 'american' colors.


The Hairy Swede said...

My girlfriend knits. Shes 24.

Mrs CeCrux said...

Thank more younger than me..hehe

Michelle Dawn said...

I tried to knit several times but I always give up. I have one mitten from a pair I started a couple of years ago. LOL. I can't even remember how to do it anymore.

When I go on my maternity leave in March I plan on learning to knit a little something for the baby. Maybe a little blanket or some booties. Wish me luck :)

Mrs CeCrux said...

Michelle: I love making baby blankets and stuff...If I lived closer I could show you how to do all the cool stuff...anywho...i can always make you a blanket and mail it to you!!!

Michelle Dawn said...

You are too sweet :) I so wish you were able to come over for a coffee and to show me all the tips and tricks!