Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm making socks. With both these colors, not at the same time, but two pair. This yarn is soooooooooooo soft!!! It's 100% Alpaca fur. It's absolutely delicious. I just started on my first pair...Though I am crocheting them because I can't seem to get a decent knitting pattern that I actually understand. (Though I think I found a nice lady to help me with a REALLY cute pair she's making) I only know the basic knitting terms and a few other ones as well that are a bit more difficult. I'm learning!

I only just started at the toe with the purplish color....it's going ok, though I'd rather be knitting.

I bought this at a shop here in Göteborg, Sweden called Broderi & Garn (Embroidery & Yarn)
It's made in Oslo,Norway though.....Garnstudio is the maker. It doesn't really have a color name on them, just the dye lot and so on, so I will name them Lucious Lavender and Mauvatious Mauve.

I could of come up with better but, you know! I am also trying to be a member of a site called Ravelry.com..however I am on a waiting list...ho-hum
I can wait a few days!


Maja said...

They are gonna be awesome socks!

jim said...

well i think anything u make is always very nice.
hey i tried last night to contact you
thru an email but for some reason the modem has been acting up and knockin me off line.so i just wanted to try here that mom is in hospital.some viral infection,i think she went in monday i believe.
she said she was not feelin good since fri.any other news ill let you know what is going on ok.

Michelle Dawn said...

Those are such pretty colours. And the yarn does look really soft!

Knitting Bandit said...

Pretty yarn! I love alpaca. I should be finished with my socks tomorrow! I am so excited to wear them. I have some trouble with my camera but will get a picture up as soon as possible. You will love Ravelry! I hope you get your invitation soon.

smek this! said...

I confess, I know nuttin' about nittin' :)

=Tamar said...

Most sock books have a simple pattern. "Socks Soar on Circular Needles" is well thought of.
There are also "two-needle" sock patterns that are knitted flat and then carefully sewn up. Alpaca socks feel wonderful but they stretch and get loose, so you may want to try a wool blend next time. Enjoy your knitting!