Saturday, January 19, 2008

Watchin' a movie.

Well I watched a movie that I had put off for quite some time now. It was called Brokeback Mountain. I know everyone in the world has heard of this movie. I put it off for obvious reasons. Well I got curious and finally watched it this evening. At first it was hard for me not to say "Oh god gross!!!!" at first, however after awhile you don't think about them kissing. You see the deeper emotions of the movie.

I'll admit I cried. It was really sad and makes you wonder if that's what it's really like for those who choose that lifestyle. I have gay friends...well ok one gay friend, and at first when he told me, I was shocked. I got over it and after watching this movie...I don't know, just really makes you think what it's got to be like having to hide your feelings for someone regardless what lifestyle you choose for yourself.

I have a possible other gay friend, but he kinda tries to hide it even though it's so freaking obvious. Maybe he's just very feminine..dunno. Doesn't matter.

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Maja said...

I cried my eyes out watching that movie. I held out because of all the hype, too. But I was pleasantly surprised at how well made it was, and the acting was fantastic.