Monday, February 18, 2008


Tyson and I were out today for a litte after I came back from the city with Tatiana. Her and I had a nice little walk to a cafe called Cappuccino. It's really nice there and her and I both like it. She said next time we should watch a movie..yes!

So anyways it's gorgeous, really beautiful out and I came home and took Tyson Bajskorv the crazy dog out to the benches behind the house, and of course he went nuts, as he always does every spring, over pinecones. I have tried twice to upload 3 pictures that I have taken, but apparently they don't want to show up. I just get the box with the red x in it...I'll try later! they are!
This is Tyson in the middle of a frantic jump between my legs to get a pinecone...

Waiting...waiting..throw it..throw IT !!!!!!!

Please PLEASE I want the pinecone..ohhohh!! pleasssee!!

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mom said...

Hi Tyson, I saw your girlfriend over here last week. She is very beautiful young lady. Way to go, she is a keper. I laik her name , Sally.
Love you, grandma.

She has more white around her eyes then you do , above the eyes.