Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's hot out there!!

It's pretty hot outside.
Perfect for the holiday weekend.
Caleb is upstairs playing playstation and Chandler is camping with his dad.
Dad is on the couch watching tv and mom is sitting there STILL unraveling my yarn.

I have been outside quite a bit today but it's crazy hot out. Felt like my skin was on fire kinda hot. I LOVE it!!

I started knitting a new pair of socks last night for my mom...almost done with the first one.

Dad and I went to the grocery store yesterday before moms party and I seen SOoooooooo many items of food that I have missed like crazy while I lived in Sweden. I've had quite a lot of things I missed already and they made me half sick. Not used to it, but now? Now I can eat anything again. I don't have to think about what I will eat. I just grab it....just grab whatever at the store...and make whatever comes to mind when I get hungry. Wasn't that easy for me over there because the stuff I wanted wasn't as easily accessable. I learned to eat what was there but my god I missed a lot of shit from home.

I seen a lot of family members yesterday when they came to moms party, people I haven't seen since I left almost 2 years ago. I missed them. Then my brothers wife was here too and she was just in Denmark for 2 weeks and came home thursday. It made me laugh when she told me things that I already knew about. She even asked me to translate a website, that was in danish for her...wasn't so hard...few words were spelled different, and few words I never seen before but I got it figured out. Was a nice feeling to know I can read another language. made me feel real good.

Was strange at first to be here, but now I feel like I never left with the exception of a few things. Like the emails I got lately from my friends in Sweden....made me miss it but not enough to leave this place, my friends, family and everything that makes me who I am.

Well....Happy Memorial Day!!!!


Maja said...

Wow, so much left unsaid. there's no place like home!

Michelle Dawn said...

So happy for you. It sounds like you are exactly where you need to be right now!

Mrs CeCrux said...

i agree maja!

thanks michelle, feels good to be here