Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pratar engleska...inte svenska!!!

Nothing new here.
It's hot one day...

Hot the next!

I'm knitting and crocheting and for the first...well 2nd time in my life, I am about to complete a pair of socks. they are funny looking becase of the colored yarn I chose and they are for my momma....anywho...

Work is work, same job I worked at before I moved to Sweden so it was like riding a bike.

Me and my boys are going to do something this weekend, but considering it's going to rain, I guess it won't be riding bike like I planned.

Fathers day is comming....I'm still on the swedish calendar so I can't forget.

I also still have a bit of a problem with swedish because at work I kept trying to speak it only to say 'yes' and 'thank you'....eventually I am guessing that'll go away.

In other news........did I say it was HOT outside? usch!!!!

Now that I am not working in the kitchen anymore, I can let my nails grow...problem with's a pain in the ass to type now!!!

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