Saturday, May 31, 2008

The weather can't decide if it wants to be humid as all f**k or nice or rainy. pissing me off. i wear something decent because it's pouring and thundering...then when i get home its f**king i change clothes.. i run to the store fast and then get home..its beautiful out but humid as a f**k inside. i dont change clothes...screw it.

I got up today, fed my kids....then we got mom and went to the mall. she was happy to be out...but she couldn't take much. not after her surgery and all... i bought some summer clothes and another pair of shoes, sandals bought clothes too. i had to go to the grocery store so i took mom home, figured out my checkbook and seen i had just enough for food and money for the week....i spent too much for food!!!! mom and dad said they cant get over how i spent that much and i should not have done so especially since i just gave mom money for helping out with whatever. i'm like that because i don't sponge off of people. so i have a little cash to get me through the week.

Anyways....i'm hungry. again...i ate tacos, made tacos for everyone because it was fast and its so damn hot...the kids had a late lunch at Mc d's coz i was on the way to the grocery store and they ate on the way...when we got home i soon...and they each ate 5 tacos!!! now they are or xbox.. i dunno, they got both up there but its all they do is sit in their room and play the stinking

the kids were funny at the store though...chandler asked me if i wanted him to push the grocery cart.. i said no thanks sweety i can do was super heavy....he says, just as someone was walking towards us in the aisle...' jeez mom all i did was ask to push the cart for you. i'm trying to be nice and you scream at me, what kind of mother are you? all i could do was laugh...what timing!

caleb wanted to buy a $10 toothbrush.. i said'll get a new one every few months..get the $3 one and be done with it...all the way at the end of the aisle he decides to tell me he brought his $20 and wants to pay for it himself. whatever suits he puts back the toothbrush...goes and gets the expensive one and proceeds to tell me that his toothbrush has to match the brand of his toothpaste..jeesh!

Also big news....Chandler will know on Wednesday if he will have the High Academic Achievement Award...which means he has had the best grades ever in school history!! So far there are only 2 other plaques up there from other kids...and this is since the school has been built....40-50 years ago !!! maybe more not sure...This means his grades will have far exceeded those two before him who got the awards....I can't get over it. I know he is smart but jeez!!! I'm so proud of him. He is in 5th grade and does 7th and 8th grade school work right now and he told me today he is bored with it. i think I have a genius on my hands!!!

When mom was buying clothes she said that the sales tag on a pair of shorts said 20% off the price and asked chandler how much it would be then..within seconds he told her...he makes it seem simple. he figured it out before caleb got it on the calculator...crazy stuff! plus...he was acurate with the calculator....i think somebody is going to college on a scholarship...and probably before his time... every year he gets more and more smarter and has to move up more levels with every grade. he already skipped one grade...should be more but....not yet..maybe soon.

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Michelle Dawn said...

Wow, good job Chandler!!!