Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It's so hot here....40c to be exact..yuck! or it was, but the storm that came through just blew a lot of the 95% humidity away...I almost passed out when I got to work today. I guess I didn't totally get used to the climate change yet. It will come....but starting tomorrow..I DONT HAVE TO WALK TO WORK ANYMORE!! Hoot hoot!!

Screw the heat!

Nothing new going on here really. Mom is getting better but now she will find out thursday if she has to have yet another operation...ugh..and dad? he has to go to the docs too... don't know if his anurism operation he had is holding. So just when We think things are starting to look up in their health..it comes crashing down. I hope mom can start chemo again soon...and I hope dads brain gets fixed so he can not be in pain anymore.

I have an interesting customer trying to hit on me at work, who I have politely turned down. What makes him think I want anything to do with him? I'm off men...for AWHILE! Men are nice but I'm not looking. I need to be me. I need to worry of only me, and family..but no relationships...don't need em'..no-siree!

My knitting is comming along and am happy to report that I have started to knit a sweater which I have been dying to do....yay! And I have actually almost completed moms socks I am making in a timely fashion. It's a miracle I ever start the 2nd sock. I'll be done 100% tonight..yay!

My boys are boys....old enough to stay home all day in the summer without a sitter.woohoo


Michelle Dawn said...

But isn't it nice to know that the men are still interested -even if you aren't!

Mrs CeCrux said...

yeah...but he was a bit bold about it...ah well, whatcha gunna do, right?