Friday, June 27, 2008

He has a name

And so it begins...I have had some exciting shit going on here recently and I don't know where to start.....first of all my mom is back in the hospital. They found more cancer where there was none before. It's upsetting and I don't know when she will be home. She is in good spirits though, so thats a good sign.

I am going to make this short and sweet for now and will make a longer post soon. I have been so busy lately. Just before my mom went into the hospital I really started to become good friends with the neighbors next door. They invite me over and we bullshit and all sorts of good stuff, usually till midnight or 1am..... They are good people. I like them a lot.

Then....there is what my family refers to as 'hot neighbor guy' I keep telling them he has a name but ever since mom caught me watching this guy out the window with his shirt off for a few minutes, wearing only his baseball pants, watching me DROOL over him, they refer to him as 'hot neighbor guy'..even my dad..haha

Well....we'll delve into that more later which includes a rippling muscled torso..yum!!!

I went to a cookout tonight that I was invited to and made 2 new friends....I am going to New York for the 4th of July(Independence Day) next weekend and also this Saturday are the fireworks with which me and the boys will happily go see and play the games at the fairgrounds.

Hot neighbor guy wants to join me.....well....

I will go see mom tomorrow with the boys when I get off work.....Dad seems to be struggling again with his surgery he had on his brain. I hope it holds!! I'm not ready to be parent-less yet.

It's past my bedtime....almost 1am to be exact and I have work tomorrow, but I was at this cook-out with my new friends and well, we forgot the time. The girl had to go to bed early because she's due wth a baby soon so her husband and I and others sat out for the rest of the night.....and so here is when I say..more details another post.............

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