Monday, July 7, 2008


So the 4th of July was a smash hit!!!!
Shame I forgot my camera. I was in the mountains.
I played horseshoes, met new people....played darts....
Went to the Moose for a few drinks way too early in the was 11am..hehe

I hung out in a cabin in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road and had to shower in cold water because there was no hot.....2nd day I boiled water and put it in the tub. Freakin' water was like ice!!!!

I went up Thursday home Sunday. No work Friday due to the holiday.
I got to spend my mini vacation with a hottie.
A baseball playing hottie.

That hottie has a game tonight but I didn't go because I have shit here to do around the house. I'll go see him when he gets home.
I seen a game he played last week and MAN!!!!! nothing like a guy in baseball pants....especially when he takes his shirt off.

Maybe you don't wanna hear but....I'm happy.
I'm enjoying being single and happy.

Funny thing....Everytime he seen me outside my house, he would always come out just a few minutes later. He would watch me from his house..haha
I heard the whole deal from his family...ahhh..what a guy!
He's tall, fit and sexy are no words to describe the body he's got.
He's funny, his friends are great, his family is great.

I've slacked off on all my knitting because of this guy.
I can't help it and I really should finish what I started but, I can't. I was almost done with my sweater too..hehe

Maybe I'll post a pic someday of him.


Michelle said...

Sounds like your having a blast! As you should :)

Maja said...

It's great that you're happy and having fun! Leave the knitting for when you haven't got anything better to do.